Creating A Vision {Newborn and Child photographer Victoria BC}

As an artist, I often start with an image in my mind and then find myself searching for all of the right elements to create that vision.  This Vintage Pram image was one of those times.

A few months ago Zoe’s mom from Pixie Designs mentioned to me that she had a 40 year old heirloom pram sitting in her basement. When she showed it to me I knew we had to create something special with it.  This was the very same pram that her mother had pushed her around the streets of London in when she was a baby.

I already knew I had the perfect little model so I set out to find the perfect location and then waited for Mother Nature to fill the scene with all her spring beauty.

I hope one day Zoe will push her baby in this same pram and that the art we have created now will hang on the walls of her family’s homes for generations to come.



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