Pregnancy and infant loss awareness day

As I sit down to write this blog post I am filled with so many emotions.  The strongest emotion is one of gratitude.  I am grateful to have a job that allows me the opportunity to share in the most joyous time in my clients lives as they welcome their precious newborn earth side.

In the years of photographing newborns, I have witnessed so many journeys of love, loss, strength and joy.  Stories of infertility, of the gurgling journey IVF, of surrogacy, of adoption.  I have learned how common miscarriages are and have experienced how devastating that loss can be.

I hope one day to be brave enough to share my own story.   But today, on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day I want to share with you one of the most beautiful stories I have ever been witness to.

Debbie and George’s journey started long before we met.  Over the past 5 years they have experienced more loss then any family should have to go through.  The courage to keep trying after the unimaginable grief of losing nine babies and the faith to believe that one day their family would be complete is truly inspiring.

When I first met Debbie last October she was cautiously excited about her new pregnancy.  After experiencing many rounds of IVF followed by so much loss something was different this time.  An Angel came in to their lives and though a selfless act of love gave them the most beautiful gift.  The gift of egg donation.

After 5 years of loss and tears, through love, friendship and unwavering faith a dream finally came true.

As a photographer I tell stories best though images.  Debbie  has written so many beautiful posts about her journey in hopes of reaching out to others who are suffering through infertility and loss.  I encourage you to visit her blog for her full story.


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